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Abby @itsbabykush and Annelyse @annelysedemuch met in 2021 on Bumble searching for more queer friends. After meeting up at a queer event, they recognized the importance of creating queer spaces that emphasize women and gender expansive individuals and the lack of these spaces in LA. Abby and Annelyse decided that they wanted to create new safe, fun, and exciting spaces for queer women and gender expansive individuals to connect in person. 


Abby, a DJ with a love for music, and Annelyse, a small business-owner with a passion for thrifting and upcycling clothes, were able to mix together their expertise to create their first event in 2022: a night market with music and dancing! And that’s only the beginning; as Fever Dream grows, they  continue to host events that highlight queer performers and uplift queer small business. 


Fever Dream LA hosts events for queer women and nonbinary/gender nonconforming individuals, uplifts queer-owned small business and artists, and creates a safe, inclusive space to build community, meet new people and have fun!

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